Employee Benefits


The Dealership provides vacation benefits to all regular full-time employees. Full-time employees accrue paid vacation leave after completing one full year of full-time employment.  Part-time, outside sales and temporary employees do not participate in the vacation benefit.

Vacation time is accrued on your yearly anniversary date of employment. After a full-time employee completes twelve consecutive months of service, the employee will begin to accrue vacation benefits in accordance with the following schedule:

Employee’s Continuous Length of Service

Amount of Monthly Accrual

Amount of Vacation Days Accrued per Year

Maximum Accrual Cap

0 – 12 months




2nd -5th years


10 days

12 days

6th – 10th years


15 days

18 days

11th year and thereafter


20 days

24 days

Although employees do not accrue monthly vacation prior to their first anniversary with the Dealership, upon completion of an employee’s first year of employment the Dealership provides each employee with ten (10) days of vacation leave. Thereafter, the employee will accrue vacation as detailed in the chart above.



It is a happy occasion when our employees welcome children into their families.  Thus, we will celebrate births and adoptions by our employees with a monetary gift of $1,000.00 per baby. 

In order to be eligible for this gift an employee must have completed their ninety (90) day introductory period, and meet the following criteria:

(1)       Be actively working at the time of the birth or adoption of the child.

(2)       Present documentary proof of the child’s recent birth or adoption.  The supporting documentation must identify the employee as a birth parent or adoptive parent of the child, such as a birth certificate or adoption order.

If both parents are employed by David Wilson owned dealerships at the time of birth or adoption, the gift will be limited to $1,000.00 per baby.



We offer the following insurance and retirement benefits to eligible employees:

  • Group Health Insurance
  • IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan



David Wilson’s Villa Ford, working with its manufacturers, provides periodic training courses for qualified employees.  In addition, eligible employees may be given the opportunity to attend training programs that will enable them to improve their skills and qualify for advancement. 

Service Technicians should consult the Service Manager for information on the rate of pay for time spent attending an approved training course.  This rate is subject to change without notice.

The Dealership will pay for registration fees, testing fees, and training fees for any job-related classes/training/tests the Dealership requests that you take.



The New Vehicle Purchase Plan (D-Plan) is a benefit offered to employees (and their eligible family members) of authorized Ford and Lincoln dealerships. The Plan provides exclusive pricing to eligible participants towards the purchase of a new Ford Motor Company vehicle.


An eligible Ford or Lincoln dealership employee may generate up to two (2) PINs per calendar year to be used towards the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for them or their eligible family members.